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Q. My clients already receive information from me on a regular basis, why should I use your service?
A. This type of mailing program is different than any other types of mailings you are doing. This is the warm and personal side of doing business. We all need to let our clients and customers know we appreciate them--they are the reason why we are in business. Also, greeting cards are not perceived as "junk" mail. Sending a greeting card is not business as usual, but rather business with a personal touch.

Q. I have an assistant, why do I need you?
A. A periodic mailing program is time consuming. It's actually less expensive for you to outsource this type of work than to pay an assistant to do it. It also gives your assistant more time to perform industry specific activities. We provide the inventory, card ordering, tracking of which card was sent to which client and our service is never interrupted by turnovers, sickness, vacations, etc.

Q. Why do I need your service if I call my clients on a regular basis?
A. That's great! However a personalized card has longevity. A phone call lasts a couple minutes, while a card is almost always displayed and kept for weeks at a time.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Costs vary depending on the frequency and type of mailing package. Contact us so we can show you just how much cheaper it is for us to do your work!

Why Use Our Services?

A single greeting card has the power to touch more people in more ways than any other form of communication. A strong majority of consumers acknowledged they enjoy sending greeting cards and it is a valued family tradition. Consumers continue to recognize the unique benefits of greeting cards, and a strong majority offer the following opinions:

  • Greeting cards are more thoughtful than most other communication options.
  • Greeting cards show the recipient that he/she is special.
  • Greeting cards "make it easy to express feelings" and "help express yourself better than you can alone."
  • Greeting cards have sentimental value as keepsakes.
  • There is something uniquely appealing about the tactile, highly personal way ink-on-paper cards connect the sender with the recipient.
  • Low cost alternative to traditional direct mail.
  • Boost your sales and name recognition.
  • Speedy message delivery and instant visibility.
  • Makes business communication fun again.
  • Remember, we do all the work and you get all the credit!

Market Research:

Loyalty Pays: Attracting a new customer cost five times more than serving an existing customer or referral.

  • A five percent increase in customer loyalty raises profits 25% - 85%.
  • Businesses that focus on service get an average 10 to 1 return on investment.
  • Ninty-six percent of unhappy customers never complain.
  • Ninety-one percent of those customers who don't complain will not buy again from that business that offended them.
  • The average unhappy customer will share their negative story with at least nine people. Worse: 13 percent will tell more than 20 people.

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*Information supplied by surveys done for the White House Office for Consumer Affairs.