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Sphere of Influence

Sphere Mailings - We can handle your sphere mailings every month, every other month, or four times a year. At the beginning of your mailing month we will send you a list of all your mailings for that month. You can add names to your account at any time.

We have many cards to choose from for your sphere mailing programs. You simply select the cards you want to send, choose the mailing frequencies for your program and we will do the rest of the work. By letting us handle your sphere mailings, you will have more time to do what you do best.

Sphere of Influence Example Cards

Program Features - "Personal Sphere" program targets people in your personal sphere of influence. This increases referrals and keeps you in mind when someone in your "sphere" needs to buy or sell (or hears of someone who needs a realtor or mortgage banker). Mailings may be scheduled monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

All envelopes are addressed in an informal font. NO LABELS are used! We include your return address and hand-affixed commemorative postage. All cards are hand signed with a signature similar to yours and mailed with your business card enclosed!

Each month you receive a list of the clients receiving cards and which cards have been mailed to your clients. You also receive a list of your new clients which indicates exactly how your client's names and addresses have been entered into our customized database. We do the work, you remain in control of the mailings!

Our programs vary in price depending on the volume of cards mailed, frequency of mailing and the actual card selected. We can actually mail cards for you LESS than you could yourself.

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  • Please tell your sales associate that you want the website discount incentive of $25.00 towards your first mailing!