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Lifetime Clients provides a unique service that allows me to keep in touch with my client base in a convenient, personalized manner.  The card selection is superior and I have received positive feedback from my clients throughout the year.  I have been using their services for almost 5 years…and feel that it is a “must” for my business!
Regards, Jean
Rose & Womble Realty

Dear Lifetime Clients,
I will admit that when one of the other Account Executives in the office had set up an appointment to sit down and discuss your program, I really didn't take it too seriously. I just thought I'd try it. I never would have known that I would have gotten the response that I have. It's such a personal touch, and really adds to the service after the sale. I've received calls from the cards sent out and it was just the first mailing. I've gotten two referrals from only a handful of mail-outs. I can't wait to see how many referrals I get when my client base gets larger!
Michele Akers
Countrywide's Full Spectrum Lending

Dear Lifetime Clients,
The Lifetime Clients program is awesome! I am getting calls from my previous customers thanking me for the nice card and that they appreciate the follow up. Most of them have said they have never received follow up after the loan has closed. They have all told me that if any of their friends, family or work colleagues are interested in a mortgage loan they will be sure to call me. Thanks again Lifetime Clients!!!
Hans P. Jacques
Sr. Acct. Executive

Dear Lifetime Clients,
Please let all potential customers know. . . If you are not currently using Lifetime Clients, you are missing the main source of referral business. When I think of Lifetime Clients I think of money. I am a Top Producer for Full Spectrum lending and to think that there is a company out there that is still building rapport after I have closed the deal is amazing. I have been waiting several years for a company to do what I have always said I would do. Lifetime Clients provides a personal touch to a professional relationship. Keep the referrals coming Lifetime Clients……..You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Douglas M. Bills Jr.
Senior Account Executive
Full Spectrum Lending